As an internet marketing agency based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, we specialise in getting your business found in the organic Google search engine results through effective and long lasting SEO techniques.

The Sunshine Coast is a vibrant and rapidly expanding area of South East Queensland, which presents many opportunities for business owners. In order to capitalise on those opportunities, business owners must have a strong internet presence and be visible on the front page of Google where customers and prospects are looking.

Search engine optimisation, just like the Sunny Coast, is constantly changing, which is why we keep up to date with all the latest Google algorithm changes so we can employ techniques which we know will get your website highly ranked, keep it there, and give you the best return on your investment.

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We can also offer the following quality services for your business:

  • Website design
  • Mobile website
  • Content creation
  • Video marketing

How Search Engine Optimisation Works

In reality, off-page SEO used to be quite a simple system and was based 95% on popularity. Google ranked sites as ‘popular’ if they had a lot of links to them. That is, lots of other sites link to your site. Back links are still extremely important, but gone are the days when the quantity of backlinks, no matter where they were from, determined your website rankings. Just like keyword stuffing, spammy backlinks are no longer effective in getting your website to the top of the search engine listings.

Google is looking for quality websites, with unique quality content, with links from other high quality, high authority websites. “Social signals” also play a part as a ranking factor, as does the correct optimisation of your website content, referred to as “on page optimization”.

In short, we know how to give Google what they want in order to get your website right up there on the front page of Google, where 90% of internet searchers go to look for a product, service or information. If your business is right there in front of somebody at the time they’re looking for relevant information, you’re half way there to getting a new customer!

Guaranteed Rankings From SEO

Nobody can guarantee you a no.1 spot in Google, unless of course you’re going to spend money on Google Adwords aka pay per click, but why spend a fortune on paid advertising that lasts as long as you run your campaign for when we can get you great organic rankings at a fraction of the cost and rankings which will be long lasting and sustainable.

As part of our service we analyse your existing website, if you have one, with a view to turning it into a content hub which Google and your visitors will love. We discuss your target market and your competitors with you, and then we analyse that market and the competition so we know what we’re up against before we make any promises. We then give you realistic information about your chances of getting onto the first page of Google for your chosen keywords, and in what timescale.

The one absolute guarantee that we do make is that we will never do anything which might hurt or jeopardise your website.  We will always build high quality links from reputable and diverse sources and will never subject your business to spammy backlinks which could harm your website.  That is why we’re able to maintain our clients’ rankings even when Google decides to switch things around with their algorithms.

So if you’re looking for SEO for your Sunshine Coast based business, contact us for a no obligation chat.